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Internship Programs for Poverty Alleviation and Development

At the Organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development (OPAD), we are committed to creating sustainable solutions to combat poverty and promote development. As part of our efforts, we offer internship programs that provide individuals with valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to contribute to our mission. This content will outline the conditions, eligibility criteria, and provide an internship application form for interested individuals.

Conditions for Internship Participation


Our internship programs typically last for a minimum of three months and can extend up to six months, depending on the project and availability.


Interns are expected to commit to a full-time schedule, working approximately 40 hours per week.


Internships are available both at our headquarters and in field offices, depending on the project requirements and availability.


OPAD internships are unpaid; however, we provide a modest stipend to cover basic living expenses during the internship period.

Travel and Accommodation:

Interns are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation during the internship period.

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Background:

Applicants must be enrolled in or have completed a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program in a relevant field such as social sciences, international development, economics, or a related discipline.

Skills and Knowledge:

Strong analytical, research, and communication skills are essential. Proficiency in English is required, and knowledge of additional languages is an advantage.

Passion for Poverty Alleviation:

Applicants should demonstrate a genuine interest in poverty alleviation, sustainable development, and social justice.

Adaptability and Teamwork:

Interns must be able to work effectively in a multicultural and diverse environment, collaborating with colleagues from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Legal Requirements:

Interns must have the necessary legal permits to work in the country where the internship is located.

Internship Application Form

Internship Application Form:

OPAD’s internship programs offer a unique opportunity for individuals passionate about poverty alleviation and development to gain practical experience and contribute to meaningful projects. By joining our team, interns can make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable communities while developing their skills and knowledge in the field. We encourage interested individuals to apply and be part of our mission to create a more equitable and sustainable world.


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