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OPAD's Engagement at the United Nations: Advancing Global Collaboration for Sustainable Development

The Organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development (OPAD) is pleased to share its recent engagement at the United Nations, where it actively participated in high-level sessions and meetings focused on advancing global collaboration for sustainable development and poverty alleviation. OPAD’s involvement in these events underscores its commitment to fostering dialogue, sharing expertise, and advocating for inclusive and impactful solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

OPAD’s engagement at the United Nations reflects its ongoing commitment to leveraging global platforms for advocacy, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to advance sustainable development and poverty alleviation. By actively participating in these events and meetings, OPAD seeks to amplify its impact, foster meaningful partnerships, and contribute to the collective effort to build a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable world for all.


High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF)

OPAD actively contributed to the discussions and deliberations at the HLPF, emphasizing the importance of integrated approaches to sustainable development, poverty eradication, and inclusive growth. OPAD highlighted the need for targeted interventions that prioritize the most vulnerable communities and promote resilience in the face of global challenges.

Special Session on Poverty Alleviation and Inclusive Development

OPAD organized and participated in a special session dedicated to exploring innovative strategies for poverty alleviation and inclusive development. The session provided a platform for sharing best practices, lessons learned, and success stories from OPAD's initiatives, while also fostering partnerships and collaboration with other stakeholders committed to addressing poverty and inequality.

Roundtable Discussion on Partnerships for Sustainable Development:

OPAD actively engaged in a roundtable discussion focused on the critical role of partnerships in advancing sustainable development goals. Emphasizing the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration, OPAD underscored the importance of building inclusive partnerships that leverage the strengths of diverse actors to drive meaningful impact and positive change.

Side Event on Community-Centered Approaches to Development

OPAD organized a side event to showcase the transformative potential of community-centered approaches to development. Through interactive presentations and discussions, OPAD highlighted the power of empowering local communities, amplifying their voices, and co-creating sustainable solutions that address their unique needs and aspirations.

Bilateral Meetings and Knowledge Sharing:

OPAD actively participated in bilateral meetings with UN agencies, member states, and civil society organizations to exchange knowledge, explore potential collaborations, and align efforts towards common goals. These meetings provided valuable opportunities to forge new partnerships and deepen existing relationships in support of sustainable development initiatives.

Panel Discussion on Human Rights and Poverty Alleviation

OPAD contributed to a panel discussion that examined the intersection of human rights and poverty alleviation. Emphasizing the intrinsic link between economic empowerment, social justice, and human rights, OPAD underscored the importance of addressing systemic inequalities and promoting inclusive policies to ensure the realization of fundamental rights for all individuals.

Special Session on Access to Education and Human Rights:

OPAD actively engaged in a special session dedicated to exploring the nexus between access to quality education and the promotion of human rights. Recognizing education as a fundamental human right and a catalyst for social and economic empowerment, OPAD advocated for inclusive and equitable educational opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Roundtable Discussion on Gender Equality and Empowerment:

OPAD organized and participated in a roundtable discussion focused on advancing gender equality and women's empowerment as essential components of human rights advocacy. The session provided a platform to highlight the importance of addressing gender-based discrimination, promoting women's rights, and fostering inclusive policies that empower women and girls.

Side Event on Humanitarian Assistance and Rights-Based Approaches

OPAD organized a side event to shed light on the critical intersection of humanitarian assistance and rights-based approaches. Through interactive discussions, OPAD emphasized the importance of upholding human rights principles in humanitarian action, ensuring the dignity and agency of affected populations, and promoting sustainable solutions to humanitarian challenges.


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