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To end poverty and hunger, OPAD partnered with the United Nations (UN) agency, the European Union, and other institutions. Ending poverty and hunger around the world is one of the Sustainable Development Goals, which the UN is strongly committed to achieving

The partnership between OPAD and the United Nations (UN), the European Union, and other institutions, has also exposed us to a wider range of contacts and allowed us to expand our network.

Patterning can provide a number of benefits, including:

Access to resources and funding:

To support our organization’s mission and goals, we have access to funding and resources from the United Nations (UN), the European Union, and other institutions.

Increased visibility and credibility:

By partnering with the UN, we have been able to increase our visibility and credibility among potential donors and supporters.

Collaborative efforts:

The UN agencies and institutions and OPADs work with a network of partners worldwide, which can provide opportunities for collaborative efforts to achieve common goals.

Technical expertise:

The UN agencies and institutions have technical expertise and knowledge on various issues related to poverty and hunger. This can be valuable for our organization’s programs and activities.

Our organization’s efforts to end poverty and hunger have been greatly strengthened by partnering with UN agencies and institutions.

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