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OAPD strives to help individuals live richer and more fulfilling lives, by gaining more control over their finances, through the innovative use of technology. The practice aims to identify and support concrete solutions around financial technology and help financial services players leverage technology to meet customer/value chain needs. Support media to transform society.  Encourage Social Learning Platform to Improve Youth Skills & Career Readiness.

Inspiring and accelerating the experimentation, commercialization, and diffusion of innovations for human development in the global south. Promoting Digital Finance, Economic Growth and Trade, Entrepreneurship. Promoting Smart Infrastructure There is immense value waiting to be created amidst the chaos and weak infrastructure. There is a huge potential for technology to be applied smartly, to connect different public infrastructure to each other for the sole purpose of making them more accessible to the populace. Our focus is on deepening support for early-stage technology ventures building consumer internet and infrastructure that will power global south digital economy.

Infrastructure plays a significant role in fostering business growth and development. The availability and deliberate deployment of the right infrastructure that reflects modern business needs will naturally attract the best talent, provide an enabling environment for businesses to grow and thus accelerate the growth of the global south technology ecosystem.

  • OPAD INSPIRE: Supporting innovation ecosystem enablers such as pivots to create an enabling environment for any innovation to thrive.
  • OPAD CATALYSING: Funding new ideas in human development from pilot, and scale up, bridging innovators to likeminded financial sources and mentoring, coaching and supporting them to be sustainable.
  • OPAD TRANSFORM: Empowering government, funders and the private wing to learn from each other and bring about and creativity in the middle of their work.

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