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OPAD strongly believes that fundamental issues relating to the development of international democracy and global governance are inextricably tied to issues of global governance for sustainable development and the environment.

Protecting the world environment is a critical foundation of sustainable development. Two-thirds of the earth is beyond the territorial sovereignty of UN member states; it is truly the ‘global commons. The ocean of the world’s atmosphere is equally borderless; and its pollution, warming and disintegration are transnational threats. The international community must govern the global commons. To avoid devastating exploitation of our common, indispensable global environment, the protection and preservation of the global commons must be placed under the governance of the UN. Accordingly, OPAD advocates for the establishment of a World Environment Organization (WEO). In order for environmental and social issues to be adequately addressed in the international legal order, they will have to be given equitable legal and institutional authority.

Environmental factors

OPAD therefore believes that the solution is the creation of a WEO or a ‘Sustainable Development Organization’ that could counterbalance the powerful finance and trade institutions. A WEO would be a designated and empowered advocate for adequate response to environmental management and sustainable development and thus provide a more balance, effective and accountable system of global governance. bio-ethics , responsible mining promotion , conservation agriculture, watershed development ,climate change mitigation & adaptation ,environmental protection & rehabilitation ,buffer zone development ,homestead development  ,organic farming ,school greening ,protection parks  and strengthening the parks management system  and  promotion of area closure and nurturing endangered species. Promoting the survival of the ecological system (including humanity) and the conservation and restoration of nature; promoting ecologically oriented agriculture and the planting of forests in the margins (in terms of area) of the land with the aim of selecting and planting crops based on human consumption of the harvest; promoting education on the subjects mentioned in the points 1 and 2 above; offering people (including those with limited access to the labor market) a place in which they can become empowered by connecting with themselves and nature, and can grow through activities such as working on the land and in the forest, and everything else directly or indirectly related to or conducive to this in the broadest sense.

Promote and Develop Sustainable and Ethical Waste Management Globally

OPAD strives to promote resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption through support to developing and emerging economies, Innovation of waste management through education and training, encouraging appropriate and best available technologies and practices and proficiency through its programme on professional qualifications.

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